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Peril is a stunning meditation on family, trauma and memory, that hums with the feel of the South, and doesn’t flinch in its portrayal of the terrors of the past that some would rather forget.” 


- Louise Callaghan, author of Father of Lions (an NPR pick of 2020)

“Jeffrey Gibbs' Peril of Remembering Nice Things combines investigative journalism with storytelling to reveal his father's suicide and a region's hidden history, exposing the lasting effects of historic crimes.” 


-Jiyar Gol, BBC World Affairs Correspondent

“While searching for meaning in his father’s life and suicide, and tying both to a broader history encompassing the American South, Turkey, and Japan, Gibbs marches unflinchingly up to his subjects, yielding light and a way forward for himself and his readers.” 

-David Joiner, author of Kanazawa and The Heron Catchers

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